When Should My Child First See a Dentist?

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We follow the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations which state that a child’s first visit to the dentist should occur when the first baby teeth appear or by their first birthday. Our goal is to establish a Dental Home for your child, an ongoing relationship between our pediatric dentist and your child, allowing care to be delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated and family-centered way.

Why so Early?

There are several reasons why you should take your child to a dentist early. First, it helps your child feel at ease around the dentist. This reduces the chances that they will feel overly anxious about visiting the dentist as they get older. As a parent, you want to instill good habits in your children, and one good habit they must develop as an adult is to visit their dentist regularly.

Another reason is that the dentist will be able to oversee the development of the child’s teeth. Our dentists make sure that your child’s teeth and gums are all healthy and educate them on proper nutrition and brushing habits. We also recommend fluoride treatment to help keep your baby’s teeth strong and diagnose and treat any potential issues before they get worse.

Why are primary teeth so important?

Quite a few parents don’t realize the importance of primary teeth.

  • 1. Having a complete set of teeth promotes a healthy smile, which helps a child’s confidence.
  • 2. Teeth are crucial for proper speech development. With missing teeth, a child may develop speech defects that can affect them now as well as later in life.
  • 3. Children also need teeth to chew food properly. If a child has no teeth until the permanent teeth arrive, the inability to chew the food properly may lead to poor nutrition, and ultimately, poor health.
  • 4. Primary teeth also act as placeholders for the permanent teeth. When a child loses a primary tooth, the adjacent teeth can drift into the empty space, and decrease the space available when the permanent tooth comes out.

Keep in mind that visiting the dentist early also benefits the parents. During these early visits, our Team will provide all sorts of great oral care tips that will benefit you and your child!