What Is Composite Filling and How Will It Help My Child?

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If your child is found to have a cavity, a composite filling will be used to fill the space where the decayed part of the tooth was.  The composite resin is actually made of porcelain mixed with either quartz or glass. Composite fillings  look and feel  virtually the same as natural teeth. The use of composite fillings are much better at improving the quality of your child’s smile. A composite filling bonds to the dental wall and supports any weakened dental structures helping to make the tooth stronger.

Composite fillings are the most common forms of dental cavity treatments available. In treating the cavity we first remove bacteria in the tooth and then all the damaged tooth areas. After that, we apply a very mild chemical solution to etch the inside of the cavity to help ensure that the composite filling will bond with the teeth. Another advantage of a composite resin filling is that it hardens in just a few seconds.